Sugarbush Parks Presents Bush League 5

Sugarbush Parks Presents Bush League 5

The team takes the field once again for another inning of play in Sugarbush Parks. Seasoned Parks’ players, such as Matt De Vito, Luke Haddock, Lily Calabrese, and Nate Dugan, came through in classic form, spinning and sliding around the park. Pinch presser, Danyale Patterson, made her presence felt with some tricks many had deemed “too hard”. However inning standouts, Kalyi Hendricks, Kyle Kennedy, and Mike Skiba (aka The Troll Babies), proved that they don’t need to be lapping a rope tow in order to establish dominance. With record snowfalls this winter, there is plenty of snow for the Bush League to keep going strong into the months of Spring riding.

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Riders: Matt De Vito, Taylor Stout, Kayli Hendricks, Luke Haddock, Connor Gross, Danyale Patterson, Lily Calabrese, John Murphy, Nate Dugan, Kyle Kennedy, and Mike Skiba

Film/Edit: Paul Osborne

Photo: Ashley Rosemeyer

Presented By: 686, Candy Grind, Dragon Optics, Saga, The Catfish Chronicles, and Infinite Boardshop

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