John Cardiel True Legend

John Cardiel Snowboarding. As snowboarders, there are a few things we wish we could do. One thing on the top of our list would be to go to a time when we could shred with John Cardiel. He is A legend of legends in snowboarding and skateboarding. He had the sickest style and charged everything in life. John can’t vibe with snowboarders who don’t understand hard times. John was a pro snowboarder for like 4 years but turned to skateboarding because snowboarding was such an expensive art to get in to. John has a unique perspective for the entire sport and can’t connect with people who grow up with such a means to participate in something like snowboarding. Face it, snowboarding is not something that is cheap to get into. For one reason or another John took a step back from snowboarding and became a hero of ours. If you dont know John Cardiel story check out the series that Vice magazine did.

Of course for sure not all of us come from backgrounds of golf scholarships and wealthy parents. Some of us come from the core depths of a place where we couldn’t afford snowboard camp and brand new gear. Some of us do hustle through the struggle just to do this.

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