Jamie Lynn and The Art of Living by Snowboard Magazine

Skateboarding, art, music and snowboarding intertwine in the timeless, weird and wonderful world of Jamie Lynn. Jamie opened a door to a universe of art and inspiration when he took everything he dreamt of doing on a skateboard and applied it to snowboarding. Jamie rides and lives life on his terms and is one of the most authentic, soulful people you could ever hope to meet. The fact that Jamie has ridden for Lib Tech, Volcom, Vans and Dragon for over two decades speaks volumes on his integrity and loyalty to those who have supported him through thick and thin.

Jamie’s interview for Snowboard Magazine Issue 11.4, The Timeless Issue was as unconventional as the 41-year-old Auburn, Washington native himself. We were all over the place — from Seattle skate spots, to impromptu parking lot jam sessions, and a nature walk at his compound where we watched salmon spawn. In that space I felt free of “civilian life” responsibilities and had a taste of how this iconic human maximizes his days. To Jamie, time was irrelevant. Life, on the other hand, is another story.

Directed by Susie Floros

Cinematography: Puget Sound Creative and Susie Floros

Editing: Cody Rosenthal rosewoodoriginals.com

Additional footage: Volcom, Lib Tech, Dragon, Mike McEntire, Pierre Wikberg

Photography: Chris Brunkhart, Trevor Graves, Susie Floros, Dave Marx, Corey McDonald, Scott Sullivan, Tim Zimmerman, Rip Zinger

Interview shot on location: Seattle & Auburn, Washington

Music: “Our Future” by Scotty Arnold, “Souled Out” by Scotty Arnold, and “Sad Varg” by Daniel Schultz

Special Thanks: Jamie Lynn, Amelie Lafortune, Jake Hanson, Jake Garrett, Tim Stanford, Seht Huot, Pat Barraza, Jake Price, Kyle Martin, Blake Kueny, Elliott Levitt, Mike McEntire, Mack Dawg Productions

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