Snowrev – Lets take it back to when people were just enjoying it.

Since the very beginning of Snowrev our dream has always been to connect the riders with whats happening in the mountains.  To connect the riders with other people who love the experience that comes with this lifestyle.  We love snowboarding and more importantly we love being in the mountains and sharing this with anyone else that does.  It doesn’t matter if you are skiing, snowboarding, no boarding or whatever pushes you to just get out for the experience.   One of our greatest heroes and inspiration Craig Kelly said “While I have the utmost respect for the superhuman out-of-bounds freestyle and extreme stunts that seem to continually progress beyond our imaginable limitations, my highest appreciation goes out to the simple rider who’s out there just for the experience.”  Craig you have given so much to snowboarding and we are beyond thankful.

Snowrev blends together some of the best tools we can to make our site something that people can connect with. no not like connect on facebook but connect for the greater good of your experience in the mountains.  We combine the most up to date photos on the snowrev snowboarding photos directory with some of the most inspiring riders out there.  We also collect and publish a wide range of videos from the street to the steep mountain adventures on the snowrev videos page.  We are working on the most dynamic collection of ski resort and weather information to deliver snowrev powder updates in real time, current snow conditions and snow depth as well as insight from people who ride the mountains in the snowrev Mountain Ambassador Community.

Most importantly we are here because we love it.

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